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Susan Mailer

Susan Mailer grew up in Mexico and New York City, the eldest child of the award-winning and notorious author, Norman Mailer.  After college years at Barnard, graduate studies in Clinical Psychology in Mexico culminated in her training as a psychoanalyst.  She lives in Chile with her husband and family, where she co-founded the New Psychoanalytic Association of Santiago and has a private psychoanalytic practice. 


In Another Place

Norman Mailer, Susan Mailer's father, was among the most celebrated, talented, and controversial writers of the 20th Century. Notoriously combative and egotistical, her father enjoyed a good fight both physically and verbally. 

Susan's parents separated when she was a baby. She grew up shuttling between her mother's home in Mexico and New York. Later she would marry a Chilean activist, spending the majority of her adult life in Chile, where she is a practicing psychoanalyst.

In Another Place tells the story of her intense and complex relationship with her father, her five stepmothers and nine siblings, and the joys and pains of being part of the large Mailer clan. It is a tale of separation, and of the rewards and struggles of living in two very different cultures. Of being someone who belongs everywhere and nowhere, always longing for a life . . . In Another Place.

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