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Erin McHugh

Erin McHugh is a former publishing executive and the award-winning author of more than 20 books of trivia, history, and children's titles.


A video of Erin McHugh can be seen here.

Like My Teacher Always Said...


Erin McHugh’s last two books, Like My Mother Always Said . . . and Like My Father Always Said . . ., pulled together a rainbow of savvy, humorous, and ques­tionable wisdom from parents. Her next volume leaves home and heads for the classroom to celebrate what we gleaned from perhaps the most obvious candidates for learning: our teachers.


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Like My Father Always Said...


From quips to short anecdotes, the book is divided up into all the sage and nutty information we’ve garnered from our fathers in chapters such as “Growing Up Right,” “The Facts of Life,” “Dad’s Soft Spot,” “Got It from Grandpa,” “The Sporting Life,” and “Ask Your Mother.”


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A Good Book for a Bad Day


No holier-than-thou collection of aphorisms or trite, sugary advice, A Good Book for a Bad Day is a hip, fun, smart collection of portable wisdom that will cheer you on just when you need it most.


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So Who's Counting? The Little Quote Book About Growing Older and Still Kicking Ass

Sixty is the new fifty, seventy’s the new sixty, and older is getting younger every day. With fun, forward-looking, and inspiring quotes, So Who’s Counting is the ideal gift for baby boomers or anyone reaching a major age milestone. So Who’s Counting is all about aging with gusto and celebrating what lies ahead.

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Pickleball is Life

The perfect gift book for anyone pickleball-obsessed!

Pickleball Is Life is the first book of its kind celebrating the weird and wonderful world of pickleball. It will take readers on a journey from the sport’s quirky origins to its modern-day cult following. Along the way, visual info graphs and illustrations will share even more pickleball knowledge, including etiquette tips, a DIY court, obscure rules, and pointers for (good-natured) trash talk. 

This book will help readers find even more to love about the world’s greatest sport.

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Political Suicide


Just in time for the presidential election of 2016 comes Political Suicide, a history of the best and most interesting missteps, peccadilloes, bad calls, back room hijinks, sordid pasts, rotten breaks, and just plain dumb mistakes in the annals of American politics. 


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Like My Mother Always Said...


In Like My Mother Always Said, McHugh collects the wonderful and laugh-worthy words that our moms have told us in their attempts to be helpful and instructive. (Whether they succeed or not is another thing entirely!)


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One Good Deed: 365 Days of Trying to Be Just a Little Bit Better


This is the inspiring, smart, and frequently funny chronicle of McHugh’s journey to reclaim the better part of herself when she discovered that a distant relative was soon to be canonized as a saint. Each page represents a day in that year, inspiring readers to make even the smallest changes to do the same.


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Second Chances: An inspiring collection of do-overs that have made people's lives brighter

Second Chances is a hopeful and thoughtful compendium of anecdotes from people who have wanted another chance at something—and have taken it. It’s the big stuff like going back to college after the kids have grown up, as well as the little things like getting a judo belt when you thought you could hardly manage a push-up. The book collects the hopeful examples of people who found a leg up, another spurt of energy, a hidden talent, or even an untapped strength, sometimes with the unexpected help of friends or strangers.

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