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Michael Seidman, MD

Dr. Michael D. Seidman is a leading research physician in the field of otolaryngology with both undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of Michigan. Dr. Seidman is the director of the Division of Otologic/Neurotologic Surgery in the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, director of the Otology Research Laboratory, co-director of the Tinnitus Center, and chair of the Complementary/Integrative Medicine Program at Henry Ford Health Systems. He is the founder and CEO of Body Language Vitamin Co. and serves as a consultant for several teams in the NHL, NFL, and the ABA. 

Save Your Hearing Now: The Revolutionary Program That Can Prevent and May Even Reverse Hearing Loss (and Marie Moneysmith)


After 20 years of research, leading otolaryngologist Dr. Michael Seidman has developed a breakthrough all natural alternative treatment program to battle hearing loss safely and effectively. Using a specific combination of antioxidants, diet, exercise, and basic lifestyle changes, Dr. Seidman's program can help to prevent--and possibly reverse--hearing loss. 

The book offers a simple self-assessment test that identifies the type, severity, and prognosis of hearing loss, comprehensive advice on diet and supplements, and natural remedies and important lifestyle changes that can make a difference. This is the ultimate resource providing answers--and hope--to the millions of hearing impaired.


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