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Carolyn Coker Ross, MD

Dr. Carolyn Coker Ross is a board certified Addiction Medicine specialist and Suboxone doctor who specializes in opioid addiction treatment, weight loss therapy, and drug addiction treatment. From her office in Denver, Dr. Ross uses both conventional therapies for addictions in addition to natural remedies including dietary supplements, nutritional therapies and amino acids.

The Emotional Eating Workbook: A Proven-Effective, Step-By-Step Guide to End Your Battle with Food and Satisfy Your Soul


Weight loss by itself won’t change your life or bring true happiness.  When you are connected to your authentic self, you’ll no longer hate your body and you’ll find your life no longer includes an obsession with food and weight.

The Emotional Eating Workbook is the only book to explain how this is done.  Not only does it discuss the Five Levels of The Anchor Program, but it also provides specific instructions on a week by week basis that will demystify and integrate these healing tools into your daily life.  

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