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Jahnna N. Malcolm

JAHNNA N. MALCOLM stands for Jahnna “and” Malcolm. Jahnna Beecham and Malcolm Hillgartner are married and have published over 130 books for kids and teens. They’ve written about ballerinas, horses, ghosts, singing cowboys, and green slime. One of their most popular book series is called, The Jewel Kingdom, and it is about adventurous princesses. The four books are slated to become an animated series produced by Scholastic Entertainment in collaboration with Bron Studios.

Before Jahnna and Malcolm wrote books, they were actors. They met on the stage and were married on the stage. They have two kids—son Dash and daughter, Skye. They lived a lot of places, but now they live in beautiful Oregon. Their newest project is The Best Christmas Pageant Ever: The Musical, which is playing at theatres around the country and is published by Playscripts, Inc.

In the Jewel Kingdom, four girls rule: Roxanne is the Ruby Princess, Sabrina is the Sapphire Princess, Emily is the Emerald Princess, and Demetra is the Diamond Princess.


But soon-to-be Ruby Princess, Roxanne, is not so sure she's ready to be royalty. She decides to run away! But before she can get very far, she learns of a plot to take over the Jewel Kingdom. Another girl is pretending to be her. If Roxanne doesn't act fast, the Jewel Kingdom might be lost forever! 

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Sabrina the Sapphire Princess rules the beautiful Blue Lake. Her palace floats on top of the water like a magical lily pad. But does something dangerous lurk beneath the peaceful lake? Sabrina is determined to keep her people safe -- even if she has to come face-to-face with a monster!


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Princess Emily has always loved a good prank. But when one of her subjects is seriously hurt, everyone suspects her. Although she had nothing to do with it, Emily has lost the trust of her people and must find a way to earn it back.

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Some of Princess Demetra's subjects have become trapped inside a mountain. She must risk everything -- including her crown -- to rescue her subjects!

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