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Meg Cox

Ohio native Meg Cox has been earning her living as a writer since graduating from Northwestern University in 1975. She was hired as a staff writer by the Wall Street Journal in 1977, at age 24, and worked at the WSJ in Chicago and New York for 17 years.


Since the birth of her son, Max, in 1994, Meg has written for many national magazines, lectured and taught all over the country and authored five books.  She continues to contribute weekend arts features to the Wall Street Journal.

Her two main specialties are Family Traditions and Quilting.

The Quilter's Catalog


It’s not your grandmother’s quilt world anymore. Quilting today is a phenomenally popular hobby, artform, and business, often all rolled into one, attracting over 20 million avid quilters who spend $2+ billion annually on their passion. There are thousands of quilt shops around the country, popular television series, guilds, websites, and national fairs—one in Houston draws 50,000 visitors each year.  For the resource guide, The Quilter’s Catalog, Meg had 500 devoted quilt lovers answer a detailed questionnaire about their passion. While there are many books dedicated to patterns and technique, quilters are desperate to know where to buy the most unique fabric; how to start a quilt business; who the top teachers are; where to find the best quilt shows, cruises, and retreats; which quilt books are the ‘must haves’ and which quilt television shows are the ‘must sees’; what are the newest technological advances; how to connect with a quilt soul mate online. The Quilter’s Catalog does all that and more, with a healthy complement of quilters’ anecdotes, opinions, and dreams gleaned from the questionnaires sprinkled throughout


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